Introducing New Music

We have been working hard on giving FREE PROMO to talented New Music artists from around the world. We focus on bands that are currently NOT in the spotlight and who contact us direct to help them. We are UNFUNDED so any support is very much appreciated.

We play all genres of new music in any language as long as its radio edit and of course, awesome new music!

If you are a new music artist or band and want to have YOUR new music played on this show then email your mp3s (not links or dropbox please) and short bio to


Introducing New Radio Presenters!

Would you like to present your own online radio show and have a one - off special or regular show with Coral Rose Radio?

Would you like a regular slot, with features whilst playing International new music from all around the WORLD?

Are you an International New Music artist or band who would like to put together a 1 hour radio special, with your new music, interviews and chat? (Any genre, any language... originals please)

We can help provide the music, advice and support you need to produce a radio show. Whilst we are unable to fund you we can help provide the music, advice and support you need to produce a radio show!

We can also provide free promo for your show via our website and twitter (at no cost)

If you would like to break into radio and would like to work with us together on this exciting project, we would love to hear from you!

Please email coral :

Contact us here.

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Support Us Please

Everything we do is totally unfunded and is done FREE to help new artists /bands with FREE promo and support.

We want to do more! You can help support us by making a small donation online... every little helps!

Thank you for everyone who has supported us so far and the amazing response we have been getting..

Coral Rose :)


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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our supporters, and just have fun. We are excited to be presenting live weekly radio shows and covering many great festivals/events this year!

We looking foward to seeing you soon at a festival or event :)


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