Bearded Theory Festival 2012 - The one with the BEARDS

Review / Photography- by Coral Rose

Bearded Theory 2012


This year's Bearded Theory Festival attracted some great headlining acts including Adam Ant, Terrorvision, The Selecter, The Damned, Dreadzone, Chumbawamba, Wheatus, Dr & the Medics etc. Given the ticket prices this demonstrated in our opinion, excellent value for money and very affordable for families.

From interviews with festival goers opinions were mixed as to which band was the most memorable over the weekend. We had positive feedback about Dr & the Medics being one of the main  cts on the Friday evening, whilst others stated that Terrorvision delivered a great energy packed performance.

Adam Ant appeared to be a bit of a  disappointment for some of the festival goers although some of the crowd did enjoy the nostalgia of the 1980's and it did not appear to deter them in having a good time. 

One of the names that did come up, time and time again over the weekend, and which appeared to be a real crowd pleaser was Sick Note who performed in the Magical Sounds Tent.

Saturday the main talking point appeared to be around Cara Dillons performance, which was nothing short of magical and spell binding with The Damned delivering a pretty impressive set to mark the end of the second day.

Sunday and there were a few acts on the main stage that were considered not to be very family friendly due to the content and unradio edit versions of the songs. This was in fairness, later on in the day. However, given that it was a family friendly festival some of the festival goers felt that this was not acceptable as young children were still around the main stage area at the time. There was some raising of eyebrows by the PRESS /Photographers on site from the explicit swearing in the lyrics of some of the tracks. Not to be repeated here as we feel some would be very offensive.

On Sunday the headlining acts included Chumbawamba, Wheatus, The Selecter and 5th time in a row Bearded Theory Veterans Dreadzone. Very different music genres but definitely crowd pleasers. 

Wheatus worked the crowd with some little teasers of tracks they were going to play during the set and, as always, received a great response from the crowd when they played their much loved & appearing to be timeless 'Teenage Dirtbag' Feedback from festival goers was that they would have liked to have seen them on the Main Stage as that was where the band dispersed too after their set for the Bearded Theory World Beard Wearing attempt was taking place straight after.

Many of the festival goes commented on the fact that Wheatus did not appear on the main stage until AFTER their performance when Brendon came on stage to take part in the Worlds Biggest Beard Wearing attempt took place, stating that they would have liked them to have appeared on the main stage for the performance


Whatever your taste in music Bearded Theory certainly offered a wide range of genres.

Okay, lets break this down a little.. £74 - 3 day weekend Adult Ticket with discounts for the kids

Family Tickets cost £200! You are spending under £25 a day for some serious great bands and a first class atmosphere.

Whatever your taste in music its hard not to enjoy live music from artists/bands that really do know how to put on a show!

The Selecter Live on Stage  

The Family Friendly Events - What's there for the kids?

Well, all  I can say is the family area / childrens tented area was simply wonderful. There was a huge variety of things to see and do including water balls, knitting, hula hooping, stone building, drum playing, chill out zones, childrens loos etc Its always hard to describe but we think the pictures say it all! 

Knitting Area - Thumbs up by the parents & children! 

A very popular tent for the Young Festival Goers! 

If I can't have a sunny day.. then Im going to paint one! 

It is what it says on the label - Kids Tent!


During the festival we had the opportunity to interview some of the festival goers & their children who had nothing but praise for Bearded Theory Festival. Some people had travelled from 'The South' and one said that they had come on their own but had made some new friends at the festival.

The Beards - What a Superb Idea to get everyone in the festival spirit! Its always great to have a themed event and there really is something that little bit special at Bearded Theory, in our opinion.

Sssshhhh little people having fun - Do not Disturb! 

Loving those WELLIES! 

Papa ain't a rolling stone here!  

This guy definitely is a ROCK n ROLLER! 



The food prices / beer - Thumbs up from everyone we spoke to.. CHEAP festival prices.. It was very cold and we were very appreciative of the £1 coffee/tea prices :)

Variety of food - Great choice of food including the Welsh Kitchen serving Full WELSH breakfasts and Tibetan Curries for those of you wanting it a tad more HOT!



Every year Bearded Theory attempts to break the world record for the most amount of people wearing a fancy dress beard in one place and at one time. 



Winner of Best Beard 2012 is 'Baby Beard' 

                                                                                                                        Picture by Christopher Ross 


Would we go again? YES

Would we recommend it to family & friends YES

Highlights of the weekend 

- Knitting tent, hula hoop and water balls!

- Tibetan Curry Kitchen

- The Selecter - Two Tone Ska bands- The Bearded Theory BEARDS World Record Attempt!

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