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With so much suffering and so many people in the World hurting, everyone wants to blame someone or something. Whether that be people, society or God.

It has become so easy to replace love with hate, friendship with dislike, truth with lies and feel we are entitled to do so.

Sometimes we choose our friends based on their popularity and deny the friends we have that maybe do not appear to be as cool or trendy.

Maybe, our cool friends or business associates choose us based on our popularity or connections, and what they can 'get' from the relationship.

My best friend, is Jesus...  he is the one who listens to me, loves me and forgives me (yes, I do have family and friends too!.

I have seen the way that the power of prayer and following Jesus has transformed lives, in a beautiful AWESOME way.

Historically, (and this has been proved) Jesus lived, died and resurrected. Whatever else we believe this is historical with witness statements to confirm this.

Like any other historical figure. We know from history that this man died for us... Whether you believe in God or not, that is pretty amazing that anyone would die for somebody else... Jesus died for YOU and if YOU were the only person in the WORLD he would have died JUST FOR YOU... YOU ARE THAT IMPORTANT!

All I know is, that since I have let Jesus truly enter my life and my heart, I have felt a wonderful sense of freedom and happiness that I have never experienced before.

If you have questions about God, Jesus or Religion in general...

Some resources I have found useful

Films: Case for Christ  / Gods not Dead / Gods not Dead 2 ( I am waiting for Gods not Dead 3 :)

Course: Alpha Course - Nicky Grumbel (If you just want to ask those niggling questions in a safe environment)

Books: Case for Christ (for Kids), The Bible (ESV Study Bible), How to read the Bible for all its worth Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart

The reason for God - Timothy Keller

Songs I find uplifting: -

The Lion and the Lamb - Big Daddy Weave 

Cuan Hermos su nombre es (Spanish Version of How beautiful your name is)

Phil Wickham - This is amazing grace

Friend of God - Israel Houghton (HQ w/lyrics)

Cuan Hermoso su nombre es (Spanish Version)

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