Crooked Way Festival 2012 

Review & Photographs Coral Rose


 Picture taken by Coral Rose as Razorlight storm the stage at Crooked Ways 2012 



Given the ticket price and size of the venue the line up was pretty GREAT, in our opinion. On the main stage was King Charles, Followed by Reverend & the Makers who warmed the crowd up quite nicely with their energetic fuel packed performance before Razorlight made their appearance to what appeared a very welcoming crowd. We use the word crowd very tongue in cheek, as although this was the main headlining act it was still possible to get to the front of the barrier right up to the start of their performance making this one intimate gig for fans.

King Charles appeared to be a real crowd pleaser and it seemed that they were the catalyst in getting everyone up dancing with their up beat sound and the showmanship one has come to expect from the band.

In other areas of the festival there were two more 'stages', one being the Institution where The Sunshine Underground headlined and the Crooked Ways Presents stage. We were expecting new bands but instead found bands playing that had been around for some time or had already made their mark in the industry.

Our Opinion 

Music / Acts - Excellent

Stages being far enough apart to be able to appreciate the band/artist performing

Restricted space in the Presents / Institution Tent

More like an intimate gig than festival 

Our Top 3 Music Highlights

1. Razorlight - Bring it on the BOYS! Have to say this is where the real FIREWORKS began for US

2. Reverend & The Makers  - WOW! Mega set guys n gals We loved it & so, it appeared, did the crowd!

3. King Charles - Explosive, Dynamic This band really knows how to party!


Razorlight - Lead Singer & Bassist Freddie 


Reverend and The Makers 




There were a few vendors selling food at the festival; Indian Food, Traditional Burger & Fries, Doughnuts/Smoothies & an Ice Cream Van. We had expected more food vendors given the anticipated number of festival goers with some areas of seating to eat the food. As it was, people were buying food and having to either stand up and eat it or sit down on the grass.  Maybe something to consider in the future.

Prices of food were, in our opinion, reasonable for this kind of event For example Chicken Tikka Wrap £4 which included salad and choice of sauce. The portions were a good size and the salad lovely and fresh.. always a bonus on a hot day!

Something strange to find in the middle of a field was the JCB DIGGER from DIGGERLAND (See picture) This is where festival goers could pay to be lift into the air ... great if you want to get a good aerial view of the area.. not so great if your scared of heights and after your kebab :)

There was a 'patch' where you could buy Crooked Ways merchandise and some of the bands also 'pitched' up on the grass too, selling CDs / T Shirts etc.


 For those of you liking it a bit hot n spicy - ZOUK Indian Food!

Going UP! 

Hmmmm then there are some Dippin Donuts & Smoothies... 


As popular as ever - Burger & Fries!  


1. Chicken Tikka Kebab at £4 it kept us going


3. No big queues to buy food or drinks

Positive aspects of Crooked Ways 2012

* Monster head liners
* Friendly staff
* Location of stages
* Intimate / friendly atmosphere
* £30 - Good value for money
* Great Location
* Accessible parking

FEEDBACK - Ways to make it bigger & better?!

Food / Entertainment / General

More food vendors - as there were only a small number of vendors selling food

Seating areas - for people eating food 

Some activities for the children - maybe local groups would like to be able to participate FREE in some way?!

Traders stalls - again this could be local - anything from hats/sunglasses etc 


Bigger tents for Crooked Ways Present / The Institution

More introducing NEW bands - early on in their career in the Crooked Ways Presents tent

Stage / Press Access - We received feedback that people were unhappy about the amount of PRESS on the stage at any one time. Although this did stop for the final 2 remaining acts Reverend & The Makers and Razorlight. People felt frustrated at not being able to take pictures of the bands without having press popping up in the back ground:) 

Organisational / Ticket Sales

Some people we spoke to said that at one point there were more press or 'plastic badges' at the festival than festival goers themselves. Some expressed disappointment with the turn out and the amount to do whilst at the festival itself, especially given the fact that you were not permitted to leave the event as there was no re-entry.

Tickets were advertised as to be only available online and it was only decided on the day itself to actually sell them on the gate.

** Please note that is feedback we have received from festival goers during the festival itself. We would love to hear your comments & any recommendations we can pass onto the organisers too. We would also welcome any of your comments in relation to the festival itself.. this can be both high and low points :) **