Coral Rose goes Up Close & Personal with Daemon Blak

Name : Daemon Blak
Country : USA

When did you start playing guitar? 

I first picked up and taught myself the guitar in 1980. 

Who was your inspiration? 

I'd been writing poetry since I was a young lad and began to hear guitar music in my head. I call it "The symphony of guitars" that plays in my head. I was drawn to the instrument from the guitar sounds I heard in my head.

Who is your IDOL?  

My guitar teacher, Claus Sestrup, is my idol. He is known as "The Wizard of Shred". I've been taking guitar lessons from him since 2009. He taught me how to free my mind of self limiting ideas and develop my own personal style of guitar playing, which just happened to fit within the framework of his lessons. 

What are you doing right now.. gig wise!  

At the moment, my band roster is empty. I am currently seeking a female soprano rock singer with the right combination of looks, dynamic vocal range, work ethic, and passion for performing on stage. Once she is found, we will begin auditioning bassists and drummers, choose the CHOSEN ONES, and prepare for local live shows in the Atlanta, GA USA area.

Whats in the pipeline or coming up SOON!  

I am working on the arrangements on two new songs at the moment. An announcement about them will be forth coming in April. Also, my birthday is coming up. April 7th. 

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

 I want to be on a world tour, playing sold out shows, and making huge piles of cash so I can get more guitars, amps, and a few muscle cars. 

Who do you want to be compared to?  

I don't really have any desire to be compared to anyone. I've developed a unique style of guitar playing and song writing that stands on it's own.

If you could date one famous personality who would it be?  


 I honestly would avoid dating a celeb. She'd have to chase and catch me to get me, but if I had to pick one... I'd have to pick.... Kate Beckinsale. She's English. Unfortunately, also married. SIGH.... 

Whats your favorite alcoholic beverage?

 Beer. LOVE BEER. Various types of domestic and import. Guinness is VERY GOOD!!

How would you describe your sense of humour in one word?  


What is your philosophy, if any, on life?

Life is fragile. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Life is meant to be lived and I found that out of spending far too much time trying to be what other people wanted of me. I'm no longer attempting to be one of the "normals". I take pride in being abnormal, creative, a bit eccentric, passionate, and driven to succeed with my music career. Music is everything to me and I put everything I have and everything I am, into it. Every spare penny that isn't paying bills and child support for my kids, goes into the gear I need to get the job done. It's not a hobby. I have a symbiotic relationship/bond with my guitars. The music is the core of my soul. I must express it.

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