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Mini Festival Check List with Coral & Chris :)

Mini Festival Check List with Coral & Chris :)

Things to take - ESSENTIALS

  • Entry Ticket to Festival - You wont be allowed in without one!
  • Money / Cash Card
  • Clothing for all seasons - English weather is totally unpredictable Make sure you have a spare change of clothes too if it rains!
  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket It can get cold at night even during the summer
  • Somewhere to sleep Tent / Campervan Test your tent out first and make sure everything is there first BEFORE you get to the site.
  • If travelling by public transport - Travel Ticket Home
  • Camera (pocket sized and with a protective case)
  • Fully charged Mobile Phone
  • Sun Cream, Sunglasses and a Hat
  • Tin Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Toilet Roll,Tissues and Wet Wipes. Trust me, these will become your new BEST FRIEND!
  • Toiletries and Towel (Remember tooth paste and tooth brush!)
  • Torch to find your way to the toilets at night.. it does get dark!
  • Plenty of clean socks & change of underwear.
  • Strong comfortable shoes
  • WELLIES - These will save your designer shoes!
  • Insect repellent
  • Any medications that you need - Paracetamol * Imodium * Settlers can all come in very handy!



  • Pitch your tent AWAY from the toilets. It might seem a good idea at the start of the festival but trust me.. it wont seem such a good idea at the end..
  • Make sure you take a flag so that you can identify where your tent is! At 1am in the morning when you have had a few drinks its hard to tell one tent from another.
  • Have a meeting point with other members of your group. Reception isn't always that great when your stuck out in the middle of the field, so don't be surprised if you can't get reception on your mobile phone.
  • Think PRACTICAL, not designer when it comes to clothes and shoes.. You are going to be walking across an often, wet muddy field .. You need to be able to wear your grass stains with pride and not let them ruin your festival!
  • Drink plenty of water and try to balance this if your drinking alcohol as dehydration really isn't that fun!
  • Try to get to see at least one of your favorite bands/artists during the festival so you have something to talk about when you get home
  • Do have someone recording the festival at home as YOU definitely wont get as good a view or pictures as the camera men or professional photographers in the PIT!
  • Do try to have fun and remember festivals can bring out the silliness in people.