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New Music Artists; ViZion, Tori Wilson, Tivoli Skye, Cassidy McMillan, Film Director from the AWARD WINNING, Bullies and Friends.. 

The WANTED & Think Positive, Simply Undrea, ...


Advocate to STOP BULLYING through her music 

Be you, No one else can do it better!!!

 Simply... Undrea


Undrea had a cameo in 's 'Bullied.' Suicide Prevention Advocate. Singer & Songwriter. Aspiring Actress. Do everything in love! ♡ :)

Oakland, CA · 

Award Winning Documentary on Bullying 'Bullies and Friends'

Bullies and Friends tells the powerful true story of a 14-year-old girl who, after being bullied and threatened with death by three girls at her school, hung herself in her bedroom with her dog’s leash. In the suicide note she left behind, she named the three girls. The tragedy sparked national outrage, fueled a groundbreaking investigation, which led to the precedent setting court case,where for the first time in North America, teens were made to stand trial for bullying. 

Cassidy McMillan

Director & Producer of Bullies and Friends

Bullies and Friends not only documents this compelling story, but tells of other bullying incidents and provides solutions to schools, teens, and parents on bullying prevention. The Film was Directed/Produced by Cassidy McMillan and Ray Buffer.




Oliver Louis Gale AKA ViZion is a singer and songwriter from the island of Barbados. With a style strongly influenced by his Caribbean roots but often fused with Hip Hop and Pop beats, his musical genre might be best described as Hip Hop/Reggae. 

Growing up in Barbados, ViZion was surrounded from an early age by the sounds of Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae and it was this music that influenced and inspired the artist to begin writing and singing at age 13. ViZion’s career officially began some years later however, in the summer of 2006, with an introduction to Hit Island Records, a union that led to his first studio recording and music video “Girl I Need You” which was well received locally and overseas. Indeed this video was aired on international TV networks as far afield as South Africa. As a result of the airplay and popularity of this song, ViZion found himself performing at major shows and festivals such as ‘Reggae on the Hill’, ‘Reggae on the Beach’ and a ‘ Bob Marley Tribute’ concert at The Kensington Oval stadium.

In 2008, Vizion was nominated at the ‘Barbados Music Awards’ in three categories, including ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Reggae Artist’.
The following year, he graduated with Honours in Accounting & Management from the University of Bristol. According to the artist though “That’s the past though, for right now it’s ‘Dream or Die”.

 Tivoli Skye

"Stand Up and Stand Out-Positive Role models against Bullying" 

"Lets make Nice the new Cool !"-TIVOLI SKYE 


'... singer/songwriter, Ive been writing music since I was nine. Im passionate and hardworking, I play guitar and piano and I love what I do :)'

' My New single 'I Don't Care" is based on the decision I finally came to - to be positive in order to be happier with who " I " am.
And realize that I will find people who respect and love me for who "I" am.
In saying "I Don't Care"  I mean that all of the negative energy bullies put towards me will not be returned back to them with negative energy, I am going to use my energy for good things. Otherwise I would be just like them. 

I need to exude positive energy on behalf of myself.  So, me not caring or letting them be so important is one strategy among many; that anyone can use.  
I am not saying it's easy or that this is the only way to handle it. But music helps me to deal with things. 

Every person needs to find an outlet that works for them. 
Music seems to be a universal language that can help soothe when other things can't.  
It also lets people know they are not alone in their struggles, happiness', love whatever it is- 

To me - Music heals my soul, and I enjoy helping others through my music' Tivoli Skye

 Devyn Rush

Devyn Rush, best known as “The Singing Waitress” on Season 10 of American Idol, has been singing for as long as she could talk.

Now a singer/songwriter and yoga teacher, Devyn is passionate about child advocacy, especially in the areas of bully prevention. Rush now combines song writing with yoga to build emotional self-awareness and awareness of others for adolescents. Her goal is to connect with students and build trusting relationships.

The WANTED - Think Positive

TW ThinkPostive Twitter 

'TWThinkPositive is a Twitter Account set up in order to help  Fans of The Wanted, also known as the TWFanmily and other fan bases alike. We're helping with the likes of problems, confidence issues and promoting positivity. 

TWThinkPositive send out a weekly mailer every monday,   simply to brighten peoples week up with positive tips, positive quotes, positive songs and also a problem column'.

Thank you Shauna & all TWF & Butterflies!

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