Saturday 4th February 2012 Gospel Show - Coral Rose Radio

Track              ARTIST                                       SONG TITLE                                            TWITTER

  1.                  Remi Odumesi                         Living Waters                                    @RemiOdumesi

  2.                  Tracy Cruz                                   Happy                                                @tracycruzmusic

  3.                  Arianna                                       Song Bird                                           @Ariannamusic

  4.                  Andrew Page                             Happiness                                        @andrewpagemusic

  5.                  Alisa Asbury                               Came to get my blessing               @AlisaAsbury

  6.                  J Go                                             Survivors                                            @JGoMusik

  7.                 Rachelle Fisher                          Equal                                                  @RachelleFr

  8.                 Monica Gomila                         Tapesty of colours                              @MonicaGomila

  9.                 NiCola                                        Face It                                                   @NiColamusic

  10.              Andre Rieu                                  I will follow him.....

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