Coral Rose gets Up Close & Personal with Gregory Boyce

Name; Gregory Boyce

Country U.S.A.

Can you remember.. How old were you when first on stage, where and what song?

Oh yes, I do remember that! I was 12, I played guitar and sang. I had a little 3 piece band called
The Nightmares. We played the talent show. The song was one of the first
songs I ever wrote called "Girls".


I remember liking just about everything I heard at a very young age.
All styles from Abba to Zappa. If it's good, It's good. :)

Favorite board game

Oh, funny you should ask. My family always had a "game night"
and I hated it. hahaha. I would always try to get out of it..even though
I always ended up having a good time.

Who do I aspire to be like

Hmmm, I lost my brother Sebastian to brain tumors during the making
of this latest album, and never once did he seem depressed or down.
No matter what, he was always smiling and funny.I don't know if I
could ever be that strong.....but I can aspire to be, like my brother.

Tell us about ... The change in musical direction, acoustic rock to jazz fusion to metal

Actually, I'm surprised I didn't do metal first. That's more of who I am. But,
I like so many different styles. When I was ready to do my first album, I was
really having fun playing acoustic guitars,so it just came out acoustic rock! haha
There are quite a bit of acoustic guitars on this new metal album actually.
Tell us about your latest album

It's really a labor of love. My brother and I were best friends and we saw
each other everyday. And we were really listening to a lot of progressive
metal at the time. He wondered why I hadn't made an album like that, and
I wondered too. :) So, I put everything I had into this album. Not just in capability,
but in emotion as well. So when the album sounds angry, it's because I was.
But I was always hopeful and I think that can be heard as well.
My brother was a fun guy, so there are some fun songs on this album too

What is your favourite song on the album?

Although "Why is the World" is probably my favorite because of it's message
and unique style, I'm really starting to like "The Truth". It has a good mixture
of light and dark and also has a good message about no matter how down
you are, keep fighting through it. There's always hope.

If I had a super power, what would it be.

Ah, I'd bring my brother back! :)

Where do I see myself in 5 years

Hmmm, probably in the same place but with alot more listeners! :)

 How can people find out about you?

My web-site is they can also send me a message there.
I'm also on facebook at They can reach me there as well.

Describe my music in one word

Passionate... :)