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InternationalNew Music Radio Show 

Silver Spark 


SilverSpark is an exciting female-fronted Rock/Pop Duo from the U.K. Combining awesome vocals and guitar to create edgy, melody-driven tracks with a touch of attitude.

Bringing together our extensive musical experiences and an eclectic mix of influences, we formed SilverSpark and penned our first tracks based on our own real life frustrations, elations and experiences.

Songs like 'The Thief' , an anthemic ballad about a journey from heartache and desperation, through to redemption and hope. Songs like 'Something About You', a melodic feel-good track about finding light in a dark place....through to 'Light The Fuse', an edgy, attention-grabbing statement of intent, about taking a tense decision and watching the sparks fly. 

Moses Mo 

Moses Mo

'The group has created a sound they describe as a fusion of Funk, Rock, Gospel, R&B Metal and Jazz, taken directly from the street to the stage to the studio, that is Afro-Euro Mosaic Soulful and Electric, transcending musical division, and negative stereotyping.

Back in the day, this kind of fusion music was rare to say the least, but the versatility and originality of Mother's Finest, brought down many barriers.

MOTHERS FINEST consists of Joyce Kennedy, Glenn Murdock, lead vocals, Jerry "Wyzard" Seay, Bass, Gary "Mo" Moore, lead guitar, John Hayes, lead guitar, Dion Murdock, drummer.

Known internationally, they are incomparable and unique in their ability to bring it to you in concert. And now after several year's quiet, they're still one of the best LIVE bands on the planet.

In today's world of Multiplicity, and Ethnic diversity, there is a ONENESS in people and music that's always been in the sound of Mother's Finest. If you can't remember the name, remember the initials. MF'

 Dead Cells Band


 Dead Cells are a 4 piece Hard Rock band from Aylesbury, Luton & Witney.

Formed in late 2009, they're a band filled with groove laden riffs and big funky bass lines coupled with melodic well crafted vocals, spanning a wide range of influences.

Upcoming Shows

Sat 14th April - Working Men's Club: Bletchley

Sun 27th May - Rock It For Willen Fest: Towester

Sat 9th June - The Castle: Luton

Sat 30th June - Peacock Music Festival: Peterborough

Check out the bands facebook page for more info!

The Grey Area 


The GREY AREA is a blues rock duo from Washington, DC consistent of Jason Steinhauer on vocals and guitar and Tee Jay on Drums.  the Grey Area met at an open blues jam in Washington, DC after playing some led Zeppelin covers in March of 2010.  Since that time the Grey Area has played all over Washington, DC, NYC as well as LA, Vegas and SXSW in Austin. 

Over the coming months the Grey Area will be playing in NYC, DC and SXSW in March.  Also the Grey is working on a new album to be released later in 2013. 

                                         Jakarta Club 

Jakarta Club

 'We're an indie-pop four piece called 
Jakarta Club from Cumbria in the North West of England - youthful, bright melodies with a hint of 80's indie are matched with driving rhythms and inventive bass lines to give our live performances a hell of a kick

Plus we're fronted by a uke and well, nothing says 'feel good' better than a ukulele! '

 Et Tu Brucé

Twitter - @ettubruce


Et Tu Brucé

Et Tu Brucé are a rock and roll band from London. Blending pop, rock, 

folk, and country, and tying them all together with their signature 

harmonic sound. Composed of Jamie White, Matthew O’Toole, and 

brothers Craig and Darryn Bruce, they are fast becoming the band to 

watch. Likened to a number of great bands, they inhabit a space on the 

spectrum where few others reside.

They write, perform, and produce their own records, and in doing so 

have collected a number of accolades from established journalists and a 

host of new music champions. Their music echoes from the golden age 

of records, crunching through the barriers and fixing itself to the future.

Formed in 2010, Et Tu Brucé have a rich reputation on the live circuit in 

London, headlining some of the most illustrious city venues, such as The 

Water Rats, Dublin Castle, The Half Moon, The Hope & Anchor, and 

countless more. Fixtures on national and commercial radio stations, Et 

Tu Brucé continue to aim for excellence. 

Kalance Theory 


The seeds for the band started at recording engineering school. While honing their recording skills, and jamming at nightly studio sessions, Ryan and Nick started a friendship, that turned into Kalance Theory. Comprised of Ryan Keeton from Kentucky & Nick Mac of California, the duo melds a collaboration of Indie rock sensibility with a knack for delivering on undeniable hooks.

Utilizing previous band experience, writing for licensing opportunities, and their new found recording knowledge, they started creating music, with a focus on powerful lyrics and memorable hooks. Kalance Theory’s music provides a sense of urgency, that demands the listener to come along the journey. Starting with their steady up beat tempo on I’m Ok, with layers of vocals & attitude, to their stripped down, delicate, almost folk approach on Another Day, right through to their haunting chant like delivery of Cessation, they show versatility, that listeners will find refreshing.