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 Anyone´s Guess

Clint Chambers (guitar), Matthew McCormick (drums) and Sanja Jovanovic (vocals/bass).


Anyone's Guess is a three-piece, female fronted rock band from Florida, inspired by the sounds of 30 Seconds to Mars, Sick Puppies, Foo Fighters, NIN and Alanis Morissette. The band consists of Clint Chambers (guitar), Matthew McCormick (drums) and Sanja Jovanovic (vocals/bass). Since forming in late 2006 and going through several member changes, Anyone's Guess has released two albums. Point:Counterpoint and Cost of Silence put them on the radar in both USA and UK, through college and internet radio play. The band has shared the stage with national touring bands like 12 Stones and The Letter Black, played the House of Blues, and their song 'Leavin' is licensed to Synchup for TV syndication. The band will be going on a US tour in early 2014.

Produced by the Grammy-nominated engineer, Chris Short, March in the Dark is Anyone's Guess' third album, but first release under Red Dragon Records (Spectra Music Group). It's a record broken into two chapters (EPs), openly covering the major life-changing events that took place in the band members' lives for the past two years. From battles with alcohol abuse, self-doubt, guilt, regret and fear, tastefully tucked into the song 'Run,' to rising up above a pride-crushing event described in Hunter, Anyone's Guess has delivered a career-defining album worth every rock-lover's attention.


 Black Jacket









Black Jacket

Black Jacket plays rock 'n' roll how it was meant to be played.

The Miami quartet's brand of Rock is a rollicking, raw, and rough affair fueled by invigorating riffs and unforgettable hooks. The group— Phil Letizia [Vocals], Zelick [Bass], Frankie Stone [Guitar], and Mauricio Aguilera [Drums]—injects modern attitude into a traditional palette. As a result, you're going to be wearing Black
Jacket for a long time to come.

"It's modern rock with a retro feel," affirms Zelick. "We all come from different backgrounds ranging from thrash to pop to classic Rock N’ Roll. We are also very culturally diverse and that influence can be felt in the groove. Franky hails from the Dominican Republic, Mauricio from Chile, and myself of Cuban decent. All of our influences and cultures converge to create an original sounding rock band that is uniquely Black Jacket."

In his original band Endo, Zelick released two acclaimed albums via Columbia Records and shared stages with everyone from Korn to Megadeth. After the group disbanded, he joined Scott Stapp [Creed] for a special run performing at military installations in the Middle East for Armed Forces Entertainment. He wasn't necessarily in search of another band however, from the moment Black Jacket first came together, these four individuals knew they had something special.

“I come from more of a pop back ground (believe it or not)", says Phil, "but once I heard the music and went in for our first jam session, I knew this was where I wanted to be. The writing process is so fluid, the songs basically write themselves.”

"I have always played in really heavy bands. In my first band when I was still living in my home country of Chile, Requiem, we were sharing the stage with acts like Testament, DRI, and Cannibal Corpse. Black Jacket's music allows me the space to be more creative and actually WRITE big songs," Mauricio says.

"You feel magic when it comes," says Franky, a veteran songwriter previously signed to Peer Music Publishing. "I have toured throughout the US with bands like Sister Hazel to Type O Negative and I wasn’t looking to start a band again, but when you have such immediate chemistry playing with the caliber of talent in this band you just have to go for it.”

The group has already started on the road towards artistic change first by focusing on a bit of a lost art in this day and age. In only a few short months, Black Jacket has solidified their place in the South Florida Rock scene and have already landed opening slots for national acts such as Soil, Wayland, and Hed(pe).

"We're trying to bring the true energy of rock music back," Zelick concludes. "We're not trying to be over dramatic or metaphorical. Our music is easy to understand and grasp. Our message is simple. It relates to everybody. We want audiences to feel entertained. We hope our forthcoming release makes people want to drive fast, bang their heads, and fuck like animals—like the old days of rock 'n' roll."

Sounds like a good time…​



Carlos Candido Band




Singer/Songwriter/Producer SOCAN MEMBER & Recording artist - The Carlos Candido Band - Emergenza Finalist 06/01/14 - Buy the Angels single from my site!

Montreal, Canada

Carlos' Message

This is Carlos Candido from Montreal, Canada. I'd like to share with you my first full studio release, called Angels.

Angels was written by Carlos Candido and inspired by the tragic events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Newtown, Conneticut)
This song is dedicated to the memory of the victims and to the families, friends and survivors of gun violence.

Performed by:
Yann Bonato DeAngelis: Bass Guitar
Christine Agozzino: Drums
Derek Orsi: Electric Guitar
Carlos Candido: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

*Produced by Carlos Candido & Derek Orsi
*Engineered by Derek Orsi & Dave Traina @ Freq Shop - Montreal, QC
*Mixed by Derek Orsi @ Freq Shop - Montreal, QC
*Mastered by Dimitri Condax @ Ithaca Mastering - Montreal, QC
I'm extremely proud to finally release ANGELS for you all to enjoy.

Many people helped with making this possible, but I'd personally like to thank the Band; Yann & Christine who have been in my corner since I decided to put bass and beats behind my work. I'd also like to thank Derek Orsi, Dave Traina & Dimitri Condax for their hard work on the technical side of ANGELS. I'd like to thank my good friend Peter DeSantis aka. The Magic Man, for his constant support, and Annakin Slayd for the words of wisdom; Believe me, we wouldn't be here with what we have, if not for all of you.


You can purchase and download ANGELS directly from





Mail: eastintya@gmail.com








Eastintya is a pop electronic music group formed by Massimo Costa and Dario Roscani. They met at the end of 2012 and instantly clicked and shared their own skills and experiences starting together the production of the first album: “The Year Of Changes”.

A concept album made from travel notes and ambient recordings combined with extensive sound research, using electronic and acoustic instruments, (rather than analogue or digital gear) to create a visionary blend ranging from electronic to rock, from synth pop to dance.

What we wanted to do within “T.Y.O.C.” was to blend the essence of travelling into a unique musical experience, while featuring many talented Italian musicians and well known London based vocalists.

Certainly the most important aspect for us was to relay the main human experience made through sightseeing & travelling around Europe, watching the people, meeting new faces, discovering different cultures and conveying all these extraordinary sensations into a mesmerizing journey.The disc is comprised of thirteen tracks, we see “T.Y.O.C.” as a pure cocktail of true ambient recordings, from concert crowds to station or airport crowds to everything that suggests emotions constructed by the listening to the very sounds that engulfed us. This is what we, at Eastintya, wanted to suggest to our listeners. And this is why we think the making of “T.Y.O.C.” was definitely the result of the best of our efforts and know how. We really hope that people appreciate it.

We believe that persistence and determination are definitely the ultimate tools to succeed in life.



Falcon Down a singer songwriter, debut album out 'Delusions of Grandeur' iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc...

I've been going it alone since February 2014. I write cross genre ,I know my limitations and strengths and I am appreciating the fans and shows who are already playing out my material and getting onboard. No gimmicks just authentic songs putting the artist back in touch with the core element, the songs.

'I'm a songwriter, lyricist, guitarist and barely a vocalist in that order. I do know my limitations and you never know maybe I will write something half reasonable that someone wants to record. that's  a dream I can chase as all I ever wanted to be. No better than anyone else just trying to be authentic.'

The follow up EP's Primer and Charcoal will be released on 1/8/14 and the second album 'Rogue Frequencies'  is due to be released on 31/10/14 as it has some heavy elements.

Falcon Down - Delusions of Grandeur

 Foreign Technology

            Foreign Technology

foreign technology, sometimes known as f:tech, is the work of a lone human, by the name of Stephen Donohue, based in Brisbane, Australia.

Influenced by the music of late 70's and early 80's electronic artists such as Gary Numan, Ultravox, and Japan, foreign technology was inspired to start creating his own tracks.

The first foreign technology release was a track named ‘The Things we See' which was chosen for nclusion on a dance compilation, 'A Higher Sound', released in February 1998 through Warner Music Australia. This was soon followed by the release of another tune, 'Still Life' on another compilation, 'On the Pulse', in 1999, through Sony Music Australia.

A track named 'Origin' was chosen as 'Demo of the month' in the December 2000 issue of 'The Mix' magazine, and was featured on the cover CD: here's what the magazine had to say;

"Old -skool electro meets Bigbeat in a well executed melange of brilliantly-produced styles"

 "With infectious guitar riff and hard-as-hell breaks you can see where foreign technology is coming from. His real strength is in the production and skill in filling the tracks with an abundance of timbres without swamping the proceedings on the way - a rare talent indeed."

 A tune called 'Elektrik' was chosen by national radio broadcaster Triple J as one of the winners of their Sonic Imprint competition, a search for local electronic music to feature in the new years eve countdown to the year 2000. ‘Elektrik’ was also featured on the cover CD of the August/September 2000 issue of Australian music technology magazine 'Next Music', with accompanying blurb in the local artist section.

This magazine appearance led to being contacted to do a couple of remixes ('S-fluid' and 'Zentraedi Threat') for Brisbane beats and breaks band Superfluid, which appeared on their debut album '8 bit crunch', released through Creative Vibes in September 2002. This in turn led to joining the band, and shortening ‘foreign technology’ to ‘f:tech’ for any Superfluid duties.

 Late 2002 also saw a foreign technology breaks remix of the Drunken Masters tune 'Mastered Technique', for UK drum and bass label Dope Ammo, which appeared on their 'Uprising' compilation.

March 2004 saw the release of foreign technology's first solo EP 'Aussie Rules', through Canadian breaks label 2Wars.

September 2004 saw the f:tech guise re-appear for some production work on the Superfluid album

‘Project Vectrex'.

In 2006, and somewhat disillusioned after several planned label releases were postponed or cancelled, foreign technology withdrew to concentrate on enjoying the process of writing and producing music, rather than the business of it.

Now in 2014, and with renewed enthusiasm for an increasingly vibrant Electronic Music scene, foreign technology is once again testing the waters with his own particular brand of synthesizer driven music.

Holly & Evan 




Holly & Evan

Holly & Evan live for the blues. Both from rich musical backgrounds, Holly Taormina and Evan Conway have joined together with drummer Bob Morris, to update the traditions of the Barrelhouse, with their unique and electric style. Holly's songwriting comes from a lifetime of reading about, listening to, and living the lifestyle of the blues. Her original songs, such as "Parchman Prison" and "Satisfied," were inspired by the hardships endured by many of the Mississippi blues greats. In their four years together, Holly & Evan have actively pushed the boundaries of traditional blues music, mixing in a touch of jazz and soul, and their style has attracted the attention of many of New York's finest players. 


Shelli Marsh

Los Angeles, CA Christian / Pop 


Shelli Marsh

The Face I Had is Shelli Marsh’s freshman solo album. Infused with a soulful style, Shelli describes this album as “an intricate view of the different aspects of my life through music.”
“There are many sides of me, and through this album I have discovered and embraced the ‘on-my-sleeve’ emotions as well as the ones hidden deep within me. I have finally reached a point where I can share myself with the world―every grainy detail.”
Shelli Marsh is no newcomer to the music industry. A former member of the contemporary Christian pop vocal group, Basix, Shelli has traveled the country performing vocally since 1994. Basix was a Spring Hill Music Group artist, recorded four albums (Today, Believe, Live, Illuminate), and had radio play with the song “Forgiven,” performed by Shelli.
With Basix, Shelli was a World Vision® Artist and Representative, performing at fund-raising concerts and speaking on behalf of World Vision to raise support for children in need around the world. Shelli has also been sent as a World Vision ambassador to the Dominican Republic.
My song “Beautiful Mistake” is being released to christian radio stations across the United States and I would love any and all support! It’s a song based on Isaiah 61:3 where God gives us beauty for ashes. It’s about how we all make mistakes but Christ came and died and paid the price for our sins and our forgiveness.