Coral Rose gets Up Close & Personal with Lily Brooke!



Name    Lily Brooke 

Age       15

Newcastle, UK

When did you discover your ability to write music & sing 

- I've been singing ever since I could and writing lyrics my whole life but it wasn't until I started playing piano around 18 months ago that I started putting my lyrics to music. It was my mam's idea to put a few of my songs on youtube and I've continued ever since.

Who is your favourite band/singer?

- I honestly don't have a favourite band or singer because I like so many genres of music it's impossible to pick. Some of my favourite bands are Muse, Biffy Clyro, Panic! At the disco, and Paramore but I also like solo artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Tim Minhcin. 
When did you first perform solo in front of a large audience?

- My first performance for a large audience was during a competition with 103.4 SunFM last Summer when I was 14. I ended up winning the competetion so it helped me get over a lot of stage fright. It was great.
 What has been your biggest challenge to date?

- I've sang in so many places with huge audiences however I found school performances the hardest because people were the most judgemental there. Nobody had known that I wrote songs or anything so it was hard to go from such a shy person onto the stage. Once I had done it I found everybody supportive which was great and it really built up my confidence. 
Who inspires you now?

- All of my family are incredibly supportive of what I do which in ways inspires me to write more and continue.  My Nana and Grandad and Mam and Stepdad are always there to support me, without them I wouldnt have my music lessons and all the equipment they have bought me :-) Musically, Tim Minchin and Bill Bailey inspired me to learn piano, one day I wanted to be able to play like them. I'm also inspired by Lady Gaga/Elton John/Petshop Boys etc massively. Musically there are just to many to mention.   

Who writes your music.. is it you, do you collaborate or does somebody write them for you?

- I write all of my music myself and most of it is collections of ideas I've had from when I was younger and now I've adapted them and made them something better. I love writing songs but I also write stories and poems I find it helps to expand my vocabulary. 

What message do you want to send out in your songs to your fans?
- I write my songs about personal experiences or possible situations I may face in the future so I hope people would be able to relate to my songs and interpret them in different ways. 

 If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
- No more wars. I think that's what most people hope for but not many people believe a world without violence can be acomplished. I feel like I'm declaring a speech for world peace. This will inspire millions (Y). 

Favourite food
- Has to be my nanan's mince and dumplins of course!

Favourite flavour of ice cream

- Ben and Jerry's cookie dough. It's the best. 

 If you could tour with any artists or band who would it be and why?

-Probably Panic! At the disco becuase I just think they'd be great to hang out with. I'd be able to sing their 3 albums back to them, and they could give me tips. It'd be pretty cool to meet Brendan Urie. 


Who would you like to be compared to musically

- If I'm honest I believe everybody in the world is unique in their own way. The wonderful thing is every one perceives Songs/Lyrics/music in dfferent ways and it's always nice to hear who each individual can compare you to :)  Not many people have been able to compare me with other artists anyway, it might have something to do with my young age, nobody knows how I'm going to turn out. I think this is a question I will ask on twitter, I would love to see the replies :) 
 If you could be a Super Hero what Super Power would you have and why?

- It'd be between immortality or telepathy. I'd love to live forever and I find people interesting to read. I'd like to see peoples thought patterns and understand how people see things differently to others and react in various ways.

Where would you like to in 10 years time?
- I will still be writing songs and singing. I would love hearing my fans sing back the lyrics to my songs must be a pretty amazing feeling.

What is your favourite song of all time?
- It changes all the time, I can never settle on one song I'm so indecisive and I love too many. My favourite song at the minute is Howls - Hammock. 

Lily Brooke :)