Tell us about your new album...

Answer:  Dark Beauty is a concept album depicting the tragic tale of the Dark Angel’s fall from grace. The music skillfully mixes rock, ambient, classical and dance styles, taking the listener on a journey through luscious strings, rock guitars, and rich harmonies. 

Like their music, the band’s instrumentation mixes elements of classical and rock music.  Each with over a decade of experience, the musicians in the band can weave multi-layered canvases of sound in any style.  Guitarist Bryan Zeigler and Bassist Gary Perkinson have played progressive rock together for a decade, while Drummer Dan Granada is classically trained and has a masters degree in percussion.  The traditional rock band instrumentation is supplemented by CIT graduate Bryan Wilson on cello, as well as keyboards, horns and master producer Artie Rodriguez who is equally at home with dance, world, and rock stylings.

What message do you want to convey to your listeners?

Answer:  Well since my album is pure Gothic fantasy, I would love for my listeners to just be able to sit back, relax and take a journey through the beauty and grandeur of this passionate epic story, and appreciate the incredible musicianship that paints this beautiful picture!



Name: Liz Tapia

Country USA

Born in...Buenos Aires Argentina


When was the first time you realized you could sing?

Answer:  When I was four I could sing Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music, but it was only when I really started vocally training at around 22 that I knew I had an instrument that could be developed into something much more.

When did you realize you wanted to be a singer?

Answer:  I think in my 20’s as I stared to really develop my voice, I knew it would be great fun to make this into more than a hobby!


What professional coaching have you had?

Answer:  I train every week with Opera Instructor Lori Joachim Fredrics in the Bel Canto style in order to improve my technique, and further develop my voice. I also study classical piano in order to make myself a better musician.   This also greatly helps my writing.


When did this begin?

Answer:  Since I was young I have always had some kind of performance going on.  I started with dance, taking tap, ballet, jazz, acrobatics and doing many dance recitals as a young child.  As I got a little older I began to take acting classes and voice, trying to figure out which one I liked better.

I graduated from William Esper Studio’s two year Meisner program.  The toughest thing for me was trying to decide what type of performance I liked better because my focus was all over the place.  I even started working behind the scenes in production, and was like a sponge trying to just soak it all in! This actually pulled me away from being a performing artist, and made my decision very difficult when it came to choosing what I wanted to focus on.

I kept studying voice, working more on musical theater selections with professional instructor Nancy Evers, and just kept working until I finally decided to take a break for a while to get into production. After returning back into the scene, I realized I wanted more from my voice and wanted to create something truly spectacular and unique along with having the ability to manipulate and sing whatever I wanted and how I wanted it.

This is how I made the decision that I needed to take my voice to a higher level, changing my entire technique and moving over to an Opera instructor. Today I am in my third year of training and still working hard to develop my sound.


What were your parents reaction to the fact you could sing?

Answer:  In the beginning my parents would entertain everything I wanted to do.  They just kept encouraging me but I think they thought I was best suited to be a comedic actress.   As I really started developing my voice , that’s when my parents started to really take notice and they began really encouraging me to pursue this as a career.  My parents are my  grounding force and I am truly grateful for their support.  Their encouragement is tremendous and what’s helped me to continue working through the difficult times of wondering if I can really do this.


What was the reaction of your friends at school / peer group?

Answer:  I used to perform at school talent shows but never as a singer, always dancing and even then it was great fun and I got tremendous support.


Have you had any battles to overcome?

Answer:  There are always obstacles to overcome, especially when it comes to marketing yourself to an industry that focuses on putting everyone in a certain mold.  My goal is just to produce the best music I possibly can and make my own mark in the industry.


Tell us about something that has changed or inspired your music?

Answer:  I have a tendency to think in a classical style when approaching my music.  This calls for a more demanding vocal lead and also what inspired me to have to train my voice in order to sing in more of a classical or legit style in certain parts of my compositions.  This has made me have to work on training my voice in a classical style in order to fit the needs of the writing.


What is your philosophy on life?

Answer:  I would have to say to be the absolute best person I can be. Be respectful of my family, be a kind person, and never stop believing in my dreams.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Answer:  I wish I would had the focus that I have now at an earlier age in my career to obtain what I so badly want now.


Who would you love, living or dead to have as a dinner guest...

Answer:  I would love to sit around the dinner table with Lucille Ball, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Mel Brooks! I just think they are all comedic geniuses!


If you could have one question answered, what would it be?

Answer:  I would love to know if I’m going to have great success with my album!


Tell us about your career path.. who discovered & inspired you?

Answer:  I am really inspired by my entire family who continues to believe in me! I have a tremendous support system and they are such a strong force in my life.  I always loved watching great actors, comedians and singers, and went to Broadway shows as a young adult. As a young child I was always on stage even when there was no stage, trying to make people laugh. I think I was performing even before I knew what performing was.

What has been the most difficult part in trying to get your music heard?

Answer:  I’m still working on this and just getting people in the industry to open the doors for an opportunity.  My music doesn’t fall into an easy box to categorize, but once people hear it, they generally like it!

What has been your motivating factor?

Answer:  My entire family, my husband, and the amazing support of great friends around me.  They are all so supportive of my talent! I also really believe that I have something a little different to offer that’s original and that I should have a chance to be heard on a grander scale.


Who has inspired you?

Answer:  Opera Singer Natalie Dessay inspires me to be the best that I can be, my parents inspire me to keep believing in myself, and the industry inspires me to believe that i’m in a time where my music can be heard by an audience that will appreciate my album.


Who would you like to be compared to, musically?

Answer:  I would like to think that my sound is truly unique, that thought makes me the happiest.  However, I am happy being compared to artists like Sarah Brightman, Evanescence, Ofra Haza, and Emma Shapplin.  These ladies are all wonderful singers in their respective genres and I am honored to be thought of in the same arena