Introducing New Radio Presenters!

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Would you like to present your own online radio show and have a one - off special or regular show with Coral Rose Radio?

Would you like a regular slot, with features whilst playing International new music from all around the WORLD?

Are you an International New Music artist or band who would like to put together a 1 hour radio special, with your new music, interviews and chat? (Any genre, any language... originals please with broadcast permission)

Whilst we are unable to fund you we can help provide the music, advice and support you need to produce a broadcastable radio show! (Please note everything we do is totally unfunded).

We can also provide free promo for your show via our website and twitter (FREE -  no cost)

If you would like to break into radio and would like to work with us together on this exciting project, we would love to hear from you!

* Special themed shows with helplines & support especially welcome (Eating disorders, bullying, internet crime etc)

For more information and submission of ideas:

Please email coral :

* Special themed shows - some restrictions apply)


Useful Resources / Links - Radio Industry

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¨The Radio Academy is a registered charity dedicated to the encouragement, recognition and promotion of excellence in UK radio broadcasting and audio production.

Through an extensive programme of conferences, debates, masterclasses and other networking events, we offer opportunities for everyone from the national networks to individual podcasters to discuss the broadcasting, production, marketing and promotion of radio and audio. The Radio Academy is a member organisation which operates under the direction of a board of Trustees¨.

¨ The Community Media Association is the UK representative body for the community broadcasting sector and is committed to promoting access to the media for people and communities. We enable people to establish and develop community-based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, information and entertainment.¨

The BBC Academy is the BBC's centre for training. It houses the Colleges of Journalism, Production, Technology and Leadership.

Work in Broadcast

The Pips

¨This website has been created and designed for people who wish to make the next step into a career in radio¨

Useful UK Links


At ALLFM 96.9 . You need to aged between 12-17 and be from Manchester to apply and at the end of the project you get to produce and present you very own show.

Journalism Diversity Fund have the costs of your NCTJ-accredited course and examination fees paid for, gain support from a personal mentor, a successful working journalist, to provide advice, insight and guidance whilst your complete your training, receive contributions to your living expenses during your training.

Global Academy You can find radio work placements and internships across the country

Project Abroad Work in radio abroad, you will get an insight into the workings of the media in a new cultural and political setting. For many of their journalism placements you do not need any foreign language ability.

Community Media Association Championing access to community radio and local television for all people and their communities to achieve lasting positive social change.