Corals Celebrity Chat 

Shelli Marsh

Monday 10 December 2012 
3 - 4pm (GMT Time UK)

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"Sometimes it only takes a smile to change someone’s day around.  I’ve come to realize that by encouraging others I am encouraged and my day is made brighter.  Make someone’s day.  This is me sending a smile your way! " Shelli Marsh 


The Face I Had is Shelli Marsh’s freshman solo album. Infused with a soulful style, Shelli describes this album as an intricate view of the different aspects of my life through music.

There are many sides of me, and through this album I have discovered and embraced the on-my-sleeve emotions as well as the ones hidden deep within me. I have finally reached a point where I can share myself with the world every grainy, dark detail.

Shelli Marsh is no newcomer to the music industry. A former member of the contemporary Christian pop vocal group, Basix, Shelli has traveled the country performing vocally since 1994. Basix was a Spring Hill Music Group artist, recorded four albums (TodayBelieveLiveIlluminate), and had radio play with the song Forgiven, performed by Shelli.
With Basix, Shelli was a World Vision® Artist and Representative, performing at fund-raising concerts and speaking on behalf of World Vision to raise support for children in need around the world. Shelli has also been sent as a World Vision ambassador to the Dominican Republic.
In the 1990s Shelli performed at the launch party for Oprah Winfrey’s song “Get With the Program” and was an announcer at the 2001 Dove Awards. During the 90s Shelli was also a background vocalist for Wynona Judd and Bryan Duncan, and has more recently done work with John Tesh.
Shelli was a guest performer at a fundraiser hosted by singer, composer, and entertainer, Gloria Loring and on numerous occasions has been a guest artist at the Crystal Cathedral church in California. As a former resident of Whangarei, New Zealand, Shelli performed extensively on the country’s North Island.
The Face I Had is inspired by the growth, both in pain and joy, that Shelli has experienced in life up to the album’s inception. I finally reached a place where I had something to say. By gathering up the emotional rubble around me, I was able to find a place of complete happiness and peace. This album is that story; the story of my life and what I had to go through to reach this place of solitude."

NewDay Africa is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the orphaned, the ill, and the impoverished.

We are a grassroots organization that supports community-based programs in Africa. We believe that the path beyond poverty, disease, and malnourishment must be forged in accordance with ecologically sustainable principles. The projects we support are developed in partnership with local governments, community leaders, and NGOs to ensure their effectiveness.

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We are grateful to the late Father D’Agostino of Nyumbani Organization in Kenya. Father D’Ag’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of Africans via an HIV/AIDS orphanage, community out-reach program, and sustainable village is the inspiration underlying NewDay Africa’s philosophy.