International Stand Up to Bullying Day 24 Feb 2012

" a special day where good people across the world join together to say bullying sucks by pledging their support to victims" 

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Special Thanks to Rob Birch from the Stereo MCs supporting International Stand Up to Bullying Day 


* Exceptional New Music artists that contributed towards the International Stand Up to Bullying Special Broadcast 24 Feb 2012 *




Celebrities who beat the bullies!

Jessie J

Jessie J was bullied at school after taking medicine for a heart condition that turned her skin green. She was so badly bullied she wrote her new song Who's Laughing Now? all about it.

"It might be kind of funny now but it was horrific at the time. Kids at school nicknamed me Alien and they threw rocks at me," she revealed.

Not only that, but the kids at her school made fun of her teeth!

Her new video for the song is about getting revenge on those who gave her a hard time. "Music is about making a change but also being able to laugh at yourself," she explained. "I think this song tells a story a lot of people have been through and I hope it will raise awareness to the serious issue of bullying."

Who's laughing now? Award-winning and much-adored Jessie J, clearly  


It’s so important to listen to the people who are telling you   good things, not negative things and destructive things. You can’t let negativity get you down. You have to let it go. For me, it’s so important. 

You can’t have people who put you down around you. So I don’t. 

Going through school was really difficult. I got a hard time from the guys and got bullied at school because of that. When you’re lining up for the same auditions as the guys, it becomes pretty hard and it’s not a good environment so I want to see more girls believing in themselves and following their dreams.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a guy thing. Just believe in yourself and keep at it. Never give up!