Coral Rose gets Up Close & Personal With Tori Wilson

Artist bio..

Twelve-year-old singer-songwriter Tori Wilson currently lives, trains and goes to school in Long Island, New York. Tori is an avid reader, artist and participates in many local sports including basketball and volleyball. 

Tori decided at the young age of four that she wanted to be a performer after doing a camp talent show. She started appearing in commercials, print and TV shows. One showcase in 2008 when she was asked to sing by Nickelodeon Casting Director David Doan she decided this was her “thing”. After appearing on a Nickelodeon Thanksgiving special in first grade Tori became the target of resentment and bullying from local children. We changed her school in an attempt to conceal her talents to avoid the ridicule; however after some of her performances becoming public knowledge it compounded the situation. 

Tori has been writing and training formally since she was eight with Broadway caliber trainers in both voice and dance. She was known as the little girl with the big voice, the pint size singer with soul, depth and strength beyond her years. Her voice coach connected her with a local young singer-songwriter-musician to get the songs completed. Tori wants her songs to be thought provoking and meaningful to others her age, the tween sector does not have an “age appropriate” role model. Tori is poised, classy and respectable, aware that she does not have to be half dressed nor foul mouthed to be accepted. Kids take well to her, mobbing her after performances, the boys love her, the girls admire her and aspire to be like her. Tori acknowledges she has a great gift at such a young age and wants to use her voice to make a difference. Her first recorded single “Not Today” targets the bullies; being strong and confidant in who you are regardless of how well you fit in or stand out. Tori’s greatest vocal influences are Christina Aguilera, Pink and Taylor Swift for the empowering messages they convey in their lyrics.    



12 Year Old Tori Wilson Attends School Assemblies to raise awareness of bullying! 

Tori Wilson - 

Not Today! Truly an Inspiration for us all..

Name: Tori Wilson

Age: 12 Years

How old were you when you started singing? 

focused on only vocals 8

Who inspires you musically? 

Christina Aguilera, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood 

Who would like your music to be compared to? 

Vocally Christina Aguilera, Being out of the box Avirl Lavigne, Image and Reputation Taylor Swift

Who would you most like a duet with? 

Kenny Chesney or Christina

Where do you want to be in 10 years time? 

having sold out Madison Square Garden, producing music that makes peoples hearts sing, touring the world to reach people and make a difference

What is your favourite food?


Who is your favourite boy / girl band or artist right now? 


How do you manage your school studies & your singing career? 

I have an abridged schedule, I do my three to six hours of voice work before school, when special events or performances arise my mom emails my teachers ahead of time and they send the work home. They keep in touch with us by email. It is not always easy but most things worth fighting for are not. I love every minute.

Any unusual fact or story you want to share... 

I performed Madison Square Garden during knicks half time when I was 10, it set the bar for the rest of my goals. MSG baby!!!! I am clumsy, I snort when I laugh, I am highly intelligent but very blonde at the same time, I live for dance and kickboxing. I was born and raised in NY, I carry my mom's southern ways. My family means everything, we are unusual in every way!!! Perfectly IMPERFECT!!!