Instead of having to go searching in the shops or on the Internet for all all your Festival Essentials, there is ' the Ultimate Festival Kit'  My self, Coral Rose & Chris Ross - Radio Presenter are covering about 10 festivals this year and think that this is an AWESOME way to have everything all in one pack that you are likely to need at a festival (apart from tent, money, tickets & wellies!!) We are going to be testing out the Ultimate Festival Kit at our next festival, Bearded Theory and will be reporting back on our findings. Coming soon is YOUR chance to win one of these kits!

About the Ultimate Festival Kit

'Originally from Canada, many summers were spent enjoying the UK festival season.  Each year lots of time and money was spent racing around the shops in order to find the essentials for festival survival.  Every year the thought was ‘there has to be a better way than this!’.  At the 2007 Glastonbury festival (the one with the flash floods!) in a rain battered tent, the idea that was forming was that of the Ultimate Festival Kit.

The goal was to create a lightweight kit with quality items that would cover most eventualities.  Hot, cold or wet weather, festival go-ers needed to be as prepared as possible to fully enjoy their festival.  The kit also had to be good quality and value for money.

Our vision was fulfilled at the beginning of the festival season of 2008 with the launch of the Ultimate Festival Kit Classic.  The Classic kit is the original and most comprehensive festival survival kit.  It includes natural products, convenient sized toiletries and your festival camping ‘must-haves’ such as various types of weather protection, all in a convenient to carry cotton bag to prepare you for that all important weekend! 

With the great response and feedback we received from our customers we have been continuing to add new and exciting products to the collection.  The Ultimate Festival Kit Waterproof launched in 2009, which is a kit for the more minimalist of festival goers.  We also launched the option to create your own kit, the ‘Build Your Own Kit’, understanding what might be an essential for one person is not always essential for another!  Two new extremely popular kits launched in 2010, these kits are just for the ladies and they are our ‘Pink’ collection.    

2010 the Ultimate Festival Kit made headlines.  Two of our kits received rave reviews on Rock on Webzine “Your prayers are answered now!”  Plus BBC 2 “Something for the Weekend” showcased the Ultimate Festival Kit Pink.

Andrea Embling, our festival loving soul is our co-creator and Director. Aware that festival trends are constantly changing, she is continually sourcing and adding new exciting ‘must-have’ camping essentials plus other fun festival products to our lineup.  Have a look around to check out the website and our newest products! '